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This is the journal of thewindcries. You'll find I talk a lot about my boyfriend, my job, my friends, and shopping. Most of my journal is friends only, but you can request to be my friend. It's not hard!

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How often in life do we see the snapshot of ourselves from a particular time period and decide to do something drastic to change a possible outcome?

it's not often, but I think it's going to happen.

I wish we had many lifetimes in which to experience things. There's not enough minutes in an hour, hours in a day, days in a year. I'm afraid the things I need to see and do are going to pass me by before I even wake up. I've done many things but I want to do so many more.

(no subject)

It's so nice to be submitting photography again.

I missed it!

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Tags: work

There are many days were I want to slam my head into a wall for choosing to work in the retail industry.

And every day I wonder how most people I work with are employed in the first place.

Yay job security.
Mood: tired

Nicole [userpic]
i love you

Dear LJ,

I still love you, I do. I just don't have internet access @ home anymore and I don't have time to use you as much.

I will start trying to use you again but I can't make any promises.


(no subject)

It sucks that Minnesota gets on the news because of the bridget collapse.

I wish it wasn't because of a tragedy.

I went over that bridge a couple of weeks ago. And I know someone who goes over it twice everyday.

Thoughts go out to the people who are struggling.


Rest in peace, Peanut. I wish I got to know you better. You were a good dog, and my parents loved you so. I wish I knew why you went, but I won't and never will. Have fun with Badger and Wolfie and Sunny and Bridget in Doggy Heaven.
Mood: sad

(no subject)

I hate how a lot of guys like me now.

I wish I would have known people liked me before two years ago.

Now, I'm screwed.

But I love Dan.

(no subject)


mega suckage
Tags: car

So the car I've had for three months just died.

The master cellunoid went out.


Actually, $800 I don't have.

I will glady take donations.
Mood: annoyed

(no subject)

Anyone want to see Modest Mouse with me on the 20th or 21st of April?

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